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IPA Customs Enforcement


The Technical Assistance for Improving the Detection Capacity of Customs Enforcement is a data management project that aims to strengthen the customs surveillance and control function of the Ministry of Commerce throughout the Turkish Customs Territory. For this purpose, big data and machine learning techniques are used to increase administrative, technical and operational capacities and to develop the structure of the Customs Administration Coordination Center (CECC).

The overall aim of the project is to align and improve integrated border management with the EU Acquis and European Standards. In this context, border management will be strengthened by increasing the capacity of the Ministry of Commerce's customs surveillance and control functions. The data management project will support the effective management and auditing of customs clearance using big data analysis and machine learning techniques. In this way, integrated border management practices in the Customs Territory of Turkey will be harmonized with EU standards and improved.

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MILSEC 4 - Secure IP Terminal


While the MİLSEC-4 terminal offers an up-to-date solution for next-generation secure communication (voice, data and video) in IP networks, it provides an uninterrupted communication service by maintaining the compatibility of secure voice communication in PSTN networks with PSTN secure phones in use.

Configuration, surveillance and software update processes of MILSEC-4 terminals are carried out securely remotely using the Security Management Center (GYM). MİLSEC-4 terminal is capable of IP Network Key Loading (IPAAY) through secure communication with GYM without the need for an additional device.

MİLSEC-4 terminals are interoperable with MİLSEC-1A and MİLSEC-2 phones and offer the opportunity to replace MİLSEC-1A and MİLSEC-2 phones without interruption in the gradual transformation of PSTN networks to next generation IP networks.


  • End-to-end secure voice communication in PSTN networks
  • End-to-end secure voice, image and data transmission in IP networks
  • NATO SCIP compliance on IP networks
  • Compatibility with commercial SIP products
  • Interoperability with MILSEC1A and MILSEC2 secure phones
  • National and AES crypto algorithms
  • Remote software update
  • Easy operation with touch screen

It is subject to the sales license to be given by the Ministry of National Defense.