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Mines and Improvised Explosive Devices Countermeasures Test and Research Center - MEKTAM

Mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) pose a significant threat to Turkey. In order to serve as a mine detection test facility on a national & regional basis and to conduct research on related technologies, “Mines and Improvised Explosive Devices Countermeasures Test and Research Center - MEKTAM” was established in 2015 at TÜBİTAK Gebze Campus.

KDTM / Speech & Language Technologies Laboratory


ISO and NATO certified semi-anechoic acoustic recording and test rooms are Turkey’s first and only “Voice and Speech Technology Evaluation” infrastructure.

This infrastructure comprises two specially insulated semi-anechoic acoustic recording rooms (20 and 18 m² area) and a specially insulated
listener test room (91 m² area). In the test room, 16 subjects can actively participate in the assessment simultaneously.

Cloud Computing and Big Data Research Laboratory (B3LAB)

Cloud Computing and Big Data Research Laboratory (B3LAB) Project was initiated in 2013 under the leadership of TÜBİTAK BİLGEM Information Technologies Institute (BTE) and with the support of the Investment Program of the Turkish Ministry of Development, basing on the needs of Turkey and the current developments around the world in Cloud Computing. The project aims to provide the necessary ground for the formation of infrastructure in Cloud Computing and Big Data.

Analytical Devices and Systems

R & D studies based on identifying-diagnostic-analysis have been started for the purpose of reducing the foreign dependence of our country by combining opto / microelectronics, software engineering and chemistry-biology-physics-mathematics-nanotechnology expertise. For this reason, Analytical Devices and Systems Laboratory was established and started its project activities.

Cryptanalysis Laboratory

Crypt analysis Laboratory carries out the crypt analysis activities under Vice Presidency for Test and Evaluation ( TDBY). In Crypt analysis Laboratory, cryptographic security of information security solutions for military, public and private institutions/organizations are being studied by expert cryptographers since 1995. 

İGBAM - Advanced Genome & Bioinformatics Research Lab.

The laboratory is established in 2011 to carry out studies in genetic data security, bioinformatics, and biosensors which are critically and strategically important for Turkey. The laboratory performs it’s work with a multidisciplinary team (computer science,mathematics, bioinformatics, and biotechnology) in a product and future oriented way together with national and foreign consult ants and partners.


YİTAL / Semiconductor Technologies Research Laboratory

YITAL was est ablished for conducting research in the fields of semiconductor technology in 1983. 

YITAL currently uses the 0,7 μm CMOS technology and has been developing the 0,25 μm 5 met al CMOS and SiGeC HBT BiCMOS processes. YITAL, which develops it’s original production processes, has reached present position by developing BIPOLAR technology, 3 μm and 1,5 μm CMOS technologies and producing low-volume integrated circuits (IC).

TEMPEST Test Laboratory

  • TEMPEST Test Laboratory conducts tests of equipment, systems and platforms processing classified data in accordance with the NATO standard SDIP 27/1 “NATO TEMPEST Requirements and Evaluation Procedures”.
  • Equipment and system tests are carried out using Fully Anechoic Chambers while platform tests are conducted on site. 



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