YİTAL / Semiconductor Technologies Research Laboratory

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YITAL was est ablished for conducting research in the fields of semiconductor technology in 1983. 

YITAL currently uses the 0,7 μm CMOS technology and has been developing the 0,25 μm 5 met al CMOS and SiGeC HBT BiCMOS processes. YITAL, which develops it’s original production processes, has reached present position by developing BIPOLAR technology, 3 μm and 1,5 μm CMOS technologies and producing low-volume integrated circuits (IC).

YITAL has the infrastructure which enables to implement IC design, mask production, wafer processing, wafer probing, packaging, circuit test and aging processes. Having 800 m2 of clean room space YITAL is the unique laboratory in Turkey which produces ICs in semiconductor technologies.

For the first time in 1999, the ICs containing national crypto algorithms used TUBITAK UEKAE’s cryptographic devices is designed and manufactured with YITAL CMOS processes. From this date, the institute’s crypto ICs are designed and manufactured at YITAL. 

YITAL team has designed Turkey’s first National Smart Card  IC with the use of combined power coming from extensive experience in IC design and the knowledge of secure circuit design captured through 6th Framework Programme. These ICs are currently in use. 

Interface Communication Card is implemented with the use of YITAL ICs. These ICs are manufactured with high volt age 24 V CMOS process which is specially developed for this work. 

Additionally, radon gas and photodetector production processes are developed. Detectors produced with these processes are widely used with success in applications oriented towards Turkey’s needs.

YITAL, parallel to Turkey’s objectives in the field of space, is conducting research space-grade IC manufacturing technology. Within this scope,  there is an ongoing effort to develop SOI CMOS process. 

YITAL is in collaboration with various universities providing support to master’s and doctoral programs which will benefit of Turkey’s semiconductor technology and electronic design capability.
Developing advanced semiconductor manufacturing processes and having security products used in Turkey’s critical applications manufactured with this processes, YITAL has the capability of converting a design on paper to a packaged and tested IC with national resources