VKÖS / Data Leakage Prevention System

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Data Leakage Prevention System is being developed to protect corporate information and to prevent unauthorized leakage of this information from the organization. This system is one of the major security infrastructure requirements of both public and private organizations.
VKÖS will trace network traffic at corporate gateways, track information being processed at user terminals, audit whether information stored on servers is stored at proper locations and with proper policies and prevent data leakage at all locations.

The product, which currently supports Turkish language and text mining, distinguishes itself from competing systems with its performance. This system can be customized according to specific customer requirements and can be integrated with other security solutions of Cyber Security Institute.


  • Central web based management
  • Online and offline functioning capability of the agents
  • Controlled transfer of information to USB, CD, DVD, etc. media
  • Controlled text and file transfer over HTTP/S, SMTP and FTP protocols
  • Specific audits for file, WEB and database servers
  • Prevention of data leakage via screenshot images
  • Definition of sensitive data at folder, file, paragraph and expression levels
  • Central management and reporting of data leakage incidents


  • Based on corporate software development practices
  • Support for the language of customer and morphological analysis
  • Detection of sensitive data using text mining
  • Usage of sensitive data definitions specific to required language
  • Control at operating system drivers level
  • Minimal performance reduction with acceptable levels of resource allocation