UMKC / National Marker Control System

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National Marker Control System is used to prevent distribution of the fuel oil which is obtained through unregistered production or smuggling. The system is developed to control the fuel market in most efficient way and increase the tax revenues.

The system is consisted of National Marker Field Control Devices (MarkerXP+) which are used in field controls to measure the marker concentration, National Marker Consantration Measuring Devices (MarkerK+) which are used to measure this concentration in the laboratories of fuel distribution companies and Data Collection Center.

Marker measurement results are obtained in field or laboratory conditions through 3 different optical spectroscopy method in 400-1000 nm spectrum region. Then, these results are instantly encrypted and sent to Data Collection Center through 3G-HSPA+ technology. Furthermore, a measurement report is taken from device’s printer. Measurement date, time, location, temperature, the type of the fuel, serial number of the control device and registration number of the control personnel are indicated in this report. Statistical data mining transactions are carried out to the obtained results in the Data Collection Center.

The system is used by Police, Gendarmerie, Coast Guard, Undersecretariat of Customs, Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, oil refineries, fuel stations, transportation tankers and storage fields to detect and control fuel smuggling.