TÜTEL / Intergrated Circuit Design and Training Laboratory

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TÜTEL, collaborating with YİTAL (Semiconductor Technologies Research Laboratory) which has the biggest infrastructure about microelectronic in our country, is opening into service as a considerable infrastructure and it will create equality of opportunity around the country.

With TÜTEL, it is aimed to attain worthwhile know-how to our country on VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) technology, and to establish an ecosystem which all parties (researchers, firms, universities and regular citizens) can exploit. In this ecosystem, besides the educational activities; design, development, test and fabrication capability services will be provided on a prototype and ‘proof of concept’ level. TÜTEL will carry out advertisements and expositional activities to improve of awareness on microelectronic for everybody from all ages throughout the country.


  • Establishing an organization across the country to support VLSI designs for universities and companies
  • Establishing and actuating the center laboratory for VLSI education, design, prototype development and verification
  • Providing necessary software and licenses for CAD tools used in VLSI design
  • Organizing training programs for VLSI design
  • Constructing national and international cooperation for VLSI improvements
  • Supporting VLSI fabrications in certain scales and sizes

Core Functions

  • Working as a VLSI education center
  • Operating as a VLSI design center by providing CAD tools
  • Functioning as a VLSI test center with necessary laboratory infrastructure support
  • Providing VLSI prototype fabrication support
  • Coordinating national VLSI design programs to develop 1.5μm, 0.7μm CMOS ve 0.25μm SiGe BiCMOS technology prototypes
  • Organizing international cooperations in order to develop VLSI prototypes for a couple of 10-nm technologies,


  • VLSI Design Education
  • VLSI Design Environment Support
  • VLSI Fabrication Support
  • VLSI Test and Verification Environment Support
  • VLSI Research Support
  • VLSI Cooperation Support