TÜTEL / Intergrated Circuit Design and Training Laboratory

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TÜTEL was established in 2016 with the support of Eastern Marmara Development Agency (MARKA) to gain an important know-how in the field of microelectronics and to create an integrated circuit ecosystem with researchers, SMEs and start-ups, universities. In this ecosystem, besides the educational activities, IC design, development, testing and fabrication facilities are offered at the prototype and proof of concept level. In addition, TÜTEL will carry out advertisements and expositional activities to improve of awareness on microelectronic for everybody from all ages throughout the country.


    1. Establishing an organization across the country to support integrated circuit designs for universities and companies
    2. Establishing and actuating the center laboratory for integrated circuit education, design, prototype development and verification
    3. Providing necessary software and licenses for CAD tools used in integrated circuit design
    4. Organizing training programs for integrated circuit design
    5. Constructing national and international cooperation for integrated circuit improvements
    6. Supporting integrated circuit fabrications in certain scales and sizes


    1. Integrated Circuit Training Lab: The training laboratory provides two-weeks training on ten different topics related to analog and digital IC design. At the end of the trainings, those who want to work in the field of integrated circuit design are provided with the knowledge they need. The courses given are as follows.
      • Analog IC Design, Digital IC Design
      • Digital Design Flow
      • SoC Architecture
      • Advanced Logic Design
      • IC Testing
      • System Design and Verification
      • IC Fabrication Processes
    1. Integrated Circuit Design Lab: With our licensed design tools (Cadence, Synopsys, Mentor Graphics), it is aimed that users will develop their own designs.
    1. Integrated Circuit Test Lab (Clean room): Here, the design owners can carry out their own tests or they will be provided by TÜTEL team if they need it. Our test equipment in the clean room is as follows. 
      • Logic, spectrum, network, signal analyzers, LCR Meter
      • Oscilloscope
      • Probe Station
      • FIB/SEM

Web site: http://tutel.bilgem.tubitak.gov.tr/