SRC400 / New Generation High Speed Digt. Radio Link Device

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SRC400 is a new generation, high-speed microwave point-to-point radio system. Design is optimized for Ethernet data transmissions up to 400 Mbps at L2. It is not only for the existing GSM and Telecommunication infrastructure but also for new generation LTE/4G networks that require high speed data package transmission capabilities. STM1 and E1 interfaces can be adapted to the system if required. Operating frequency bands are 7, 8, 10.5, 15 and 26 GHz (ITU bands).


  • Operation at licensed ITU-R frequency bands (7 & 8 GHz)
  • “Native Ethernet” airframe structure
  • Automatically shifting modulation types between QPSK and 256QAM due to Adaptive Modulation (ACM) feature
  • 1+0, 1+1 HSB Tx, 1+1 FD, 2+0, 4+0 operating modes
  • Separated structure as Indoor (IDU) and Outdoor (ODU) units; ODU integrated antenna
  • Direct integration to antenna via RF combiners for 1+1 and 2+0 structures
  • Transmission capability up to 800 Mbps with XPIC feature (optional)
  • 4 ODU’s can be connected to one IDU (4+0)


  • Configurable data-rate, modulation type, RF frequency, operating mode (redundant/nonredundant), output power via software
  • User-friendly test tools; embedded performance monitoring (BER, ES, SES…) feature
  • Flexible installation and operating by the help of separated structure
  • Easy operation by the help of effective and robust embedded control software
  • SNMP agents are used for Central Management
  • Robust and user-friendly M&C software (optional)