SOBE / Transcutaneous Bilirubin Measurement Device

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SOBE TM (Transcutaneous Bilirubin Measurement Device), an optical handheld device, is used to determine the degree of jaundice in newborns by optical ways without the need for blood collection (patent application no. PCT/IB2016/050375). Neonatal skin surface is illuminated with the broad-spectrum LED light source which is in the unique optical mechanism and the light is collected reflected from under the skin. The collected light is analyzed by the algorithm developed by the BİLGEM team. Then, the amount of bilirubin is calculated and the level of jaundice is determined numerically after the effects of hemoglobin, melanin and skin thickness are eliminated.

The medical professional can easily see and make sense of the results in a graph screen, store the results for future reference or transfer them to the patient database in a medical IT infrastructure. The device has a small and ergonomic footprint and requires low maintenence for easy care.

▪ Unique optical design
▪ Easy to use, user friendly menu and step by step user guide.
▪ Displays baby’s bilirubin measurement results that change day by day
▪ Long battery life
▪ Lightweight, compact and ergonomic design
▪ Measurement time less than 0,1 second without hurting the baby