SIMA / Simulation Modelling Infrastructure

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SİMA is a simulation modeling and execution framework that aims to significantly reduce the development time of simulation applications. SİMA provides both an abstraction for system modeling and a protocol for executing and synchronizing the simulation of the modeled system, which provides a well-defined approach for constructing modular and hierarchical models of complex systems. SİMA is primarily written for .NET environments but can interface to pure C++ simulation model code. In addition, SİMA includes a Distributed Simulation Module that can act as an adapter to various external distributed simulation infrastructures such as HLA.


  • Discrete Event System Specification (DEVS) Formalism
  • Re-usable model development
  • Flexibility to develop different simulations with different model compositions
  • Development of models in C++ and .NET Environments
  • Fast model development processes with code generation tools
  • Recording of simulation inputs and outputs
  • Distributed Simulation Development support
  • Interaction with HLA/RTI adapted simulations