REDAY / Radar & Electronic Support Systems Performance Analysis Software

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REDAY is an integrated software solution providing comprehensive performance analysis regarding the interaction of Radars and Electronic Support (ES) systems. REDAY uses Electromagnetic (EM) Propagation models including environmental and atmospheric effects, to compute the expected behavior of Radars and ES systems. All crucial analysis types are provided both in horizontal plane (range vs angle) and vertical plane (range vs height). One distinct aspect of REDAY is that it features a rich set of functionality for Inventory Management of Electronic Warfare (Radar and ES) Systems. This Inventory Management Module facilitates an easy scenario creation process for the operator. Inventory and Results Export/Import features are also provided.


  • Radar coverage analyses
  • Radar systems detectability analyses
  • Electronic Support Systems detectability analyses
  • Empirical and deterministic (Fourier Split Step) analysis
  • Inventory of systems
  • AREPS Software and Database compatibility
  • Batch analysis for multiple systems
  • User defined study area
  • GİS-based Interactive Map Interface
  • DTED 0/1/2 height data usage
  • Support for various vector and raster map formats
  • Layered display of maps and analysis results
  • Technical analysis includes antenna pattern effects, refraction profiles of the atmosphere

Subject to Approval of Turkey Ministry of National Defence for Selling.