RAPSİM / Radar Performance and Signature Analysis Laboratory

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RAPSİM, having its name from the acronym of the Turkish title corresponding to ‘Radar Performance and Signature Analysis Centre’ was founded within BİLGEM (Informatics and Information Security Research Center) in TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) with the aim of assessing the wind turbine effects on military and civilian electronic systems on March 1 of 2011.

By the virtue of its researchers that are specialized on electromagnetic theory, digital signal processing, communications and software designs, RAPSIM is able to model and simulate radar, navigation and communications (RNC) systems by considering real terrain characteristics and operating parameters. The modeling and simulation processes that have been administered in a high-fidelity engineering sense aim to produce insightful and inspiring outcomes that are propped up by high-level graphical user interface and automatic report generating tools.

Some of the extensive consultation and services provided by RAPSIM are:

  • Impact Assessment Analysis Technical interaction analysis performed to investigate and determine the possible effects of wind farms on the performance of RNC systems,
  • Radar Cross Section (RCS) Computation/Reduction Studies The monostatic and bistatic RCS characteristics of platforms, and further studies on reduction and enhancement of the RCS values for specific conditions with the help of the simulation tool RASES (i.e., the former product of RAPSİM),
  • Additional researches on the performance metrics of point-to-point communications, radar/RF coverage investigation, and signature analysis from the perspective of pattern recognition and classification.