QUANTUM RNG - Quantum Based Random Number Generator

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The main advantage of the quantum random number generator is the randomness obtained in accordance with the nature of the quantummechanical processes.

Especially security systems which need high security, employing quantum number generator provide better results related to the other type of number generators.

Quantum random number generator device increases the randomness by applying several mathematical tests and mixer functions to the random data produced by using builtin quantum source. The QUANTUM RNG provides generated data via USB interface.

▪ Input voltage: 12 V
▪ Power consumption: 4 W
▪ Interface: USB 2.0
▪ Maximum throughput (tested data): 12 Mbps
▪ Dimensions: 80mm x 80mm x 150mm
▪ Weight: 500 gram
▪ Temperature range: 0 - 35 oC
▪ TEMPEST: Compliant
▪ Mechanical case: Monoblock aluminium

Subject to Approval of Turkey Ministry of National Defence for Selling.