Needs Identification and Solution Planning

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Land registry and cadastral works and transactions conducted by the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre have been developed on the basis of business, data, application and axes in technology layers together with considering determination of current situations which is taking into account innovative approaches and new technologies, in order to analyse knowledge management system capabilities determined in the target viewpoint with the perspective of enterprise architecture and projected an implementation of comprehensive feasibility study and determined a digital transformation roadmap.

AS-IS has been analysed within the scope of digital transformation studies so that the support programs which managed by the Small and Medium Business Development and Support Administration can be carried out more efficiently, target view determined, and the KOSGEB e-Transformation Plan was developed to provide access to the target view from the AS-IS.

Turkish Electricity Transmission Company plans to build an enterprise spatial data infrastructure in order to manage the high voltage substations and transmission lines. The infrastructure shall be utilized as the main tool for all the processes from planning to operations including transmission lines’ and substations’ construction, environmental impact assessment and expropriation. The IT infrastructure shall be compliant with international and national standards and be integrated into Turkish National Spatial Data Infrastructure and shall serve to both central and regional organizations of TEİAS.

The needs of Information Technologies and Communication Agency Information Management System were identified and the road map was developed so that the organization and audit process of the electronic communication sector can be conducted more efficiently.