MGR / PSR Radar

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This primary surveillance radar (PSR) system, which was developed with the General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMİ), is an S-Band solid state pulse Doppler radar. It has been developed for civil or military air traffic control and precipitation status determination. The system has been designed in accordance with ICAO and EUROCONTROL standards and guidelines. By using coherent advanced signal processing, aircrafts up to 60 nautical miles under different weather conditions can be detected and tracked. The system can simultaneously track up to 1,000 targets via Moving Target Detection (MTD) and Clutter Reduction capability by using low/high beam selection, sensitivity time control (STC), adaptive clutter map and Doppler filters. Also, the weather channel can provide 6 levels of rain strength information at 1,4° to 0,95 nautical miles resolution and 2D location of rain zones. The system has a clear spectrum output in accordance with the limits defined by NTIA.


  • S-Band solid state pulse Doppler radar
  • Coherent signal processing
  • Pulse compression (Nonlinear FM)
  • PRI/PRF Staggering
  • Frequency Staggering
  • Doppler filter banks and MTI
  • Weather channel with 6 levels of precipitation reporting
  • Antenna beam (modified cosecant squared 45° vertical (low and high beam), 1,45° horizontal)
  • Circular and linear polarization
  • Antenna rotation speed >= 12 rpm
  • Max. Range: 60 nmi
  • Range resolution < 200 m
  • Power >=18 k W p eak
  • PRF: staggered PRF (830 Hz average)
  • Doppler processing: > 4 bank Doppler filtering
  • Target tracking speed interval 60-300 m/s
  • Maximum number of targets 1,000
  • Weather channel resolution 1,4°-0,95 nmi / 6 levels rain information
  • Interface PPI console
  • System interface EUROCONTROL ASTERIX CAT240 video, CAT34 service messages, ASTERIX CAT48 plot/track


  • Detection and tracking of airborne targets
  • Detection of precipitation level and zones
  • User friendly GUI design
  • Static (ground) clutter reduction
  • Radar remote management and monitoring
  • Video recording and playback
  • Output reporting in ASTERIX format