KMA / Cryptographic Architecture & Algorithm Design

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Cryptography is the science of information security by means of mathematical techniques. It provides solutions for the security needs such as data security, integrity, non-repudiation, authentication, and access control. These solutions are implemented in very wide range of areas where security and privacy are necessary; to name a few: smart cards, satellites, network security devices, sensors. The building blocks of these solutions are the cryptographic structures (algorithms, protocols, and architecture).

To develop genuine cryptographic structures, it is mandatory to have qualified researchers who have expertise in the fields of mathematics, statistics, and electronics. TÜBİTAK BİLGEM has been working on cryptography to provide national solutions since 1980’s. 

In this context, the following activities are carried out:

  • Design of cryptographic algorithms (encryption, hash, key wrapping, message authentication codes, etc.)
  • Design of cryptographic protocols (authentication, key agreement, etc.)
  • Design of cryptographic architecture (all cryptographic structures in a device and/or system)
  • Design of noise processing functions (for random number generators)
  • Education and consultancy

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