KDTM / Speech & Language Technologies Laboratory

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ISO and NATO certified semi-anechoic acoustic recording and test rooms are Turkey’s first and only “Voice and Speech Technology Evaluation” infrastructure.

This infrastructure comprises two specially insulated semi-anechoic acoustic recording rooms (20 and 18 m² area) and a specially insulated
listener test room (91 m² area). In the test room, 16 subjects can actively participate in the assessment simultaneously.

Various audio technologies developed for military and civilian purposes can be evaluated in this infrastructure with the help of simulations
of various acoustic environments. The listener room can be used as a “Human Factors Laboratory” thanks to its silent terminals and touch
screen monitors.


  • Intelligibility tests
  • Communications efficiency and quality of service tests
  • Evaluation of civilian and military voice encoder equipment and systems
  • Acoustic and digital embedding (cockpit, tank, aircraft, helicopter, restaurant, concert, outdoors etc.)
  • Acoustic database construction and recording for language-dependent and language-independent technologies