IP-YM / IP Crypto Management Center

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IP-YM is a server based system with a web based user friendly interface which enables administrators to manage IPKC and AGC IP Encryptors centrally. It is capable of managing devices, configurations, alarms, and logs in a secure manner. IP-YM has advanced features which help network administrators to perform their daily operations easily.


▪ Remote management of devices from a single point
▪ Multi browser support
▪ Web based AJAX based user interface
▪ Client-server architecture
▪ Multi user support
▪ Role and permission based user management
▪ Log and report generation
▪ E-mail notification
▪ Device Alarm, Monitoring and Log Management
▪ Device performance management with throughput monitoring
▪ Graphical monitoring of device MIBs (network parameters)
▪ Alarm management and reporting
▪ Device log management with SYSLOG support
▪ Built in FTP server for file transfers to\from device
▪ Geographical and physical backup


▪ Smart card based user authentication
▪ Role based user authorization
▪ SSLv3
▪ SNMPv3
▪ Dedicated IPKC/AGC used for management communication
▪ Grouping of devices in a hierarchical manner
▪ Tree based view of managed devices and groups
▪ Periodic device connection checking
▪ Automatic device recognition and management
▪ Device remote PING
▪ On demand device date-time configuration
▪ Detailed device IPSEC configuration management
▪ Device IPSEC configuration error detection and reporting
▪ Remote device software upgrade
▪ Device configuration backup and recovery
▪ Key groups management in participation with Key Management Center
▪ Device network configuration management
▪ Device network elements management
▪ Device local user management

Subject to Approval of Turkey Ministry of National Defence for Selling.