IP-AYM / IP Key Management Center

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IP-AYM performs IPKC/AGC devices key management operations centrally. IP-AYM is compatible with IPKC/AGC Management Center (IP-YM). The Symmetric and Asymmetric Keys of IPKC/ AGC devices are generated by IP-AYM. For key generation, IP-AYM uses IPKC/AGC AU&IC device. Distribution, accounting, and management functions are included. Web based user interface enables management from any secure location. The system has been designed to operate on a 7/24 basis and physical and geographical backup is possible. The design of the architecture enables expandability.


▪ Key generation by AU&IC device
▪ Key Distribution
▪ Key account management
▪ Key Destruction
▪ Certificate generation by AU&IC device
▪ Online certificate distribution
▪ Certificate account management
▪ Certificate Revocation List and erase management
▪ Alarm management and configuration
▪ User account management and update operations
▪ Dynamic role management
▪ Smart card-based user identification
▪ User and system logs
▪ Geographical and physical backup

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