İKAS / Warning and Alarm Integrated System

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The objective is to establish;

  • Message Distribution System (HAY),
  • Warning and Alarm System (İAS),
  • Warning with Message System (MUS)

aimed to caution nation and organizations that will be assigned in case of emergency, about;

  • Enemy attacks,
  • KBRN dangers,
  • Disasters.

Warning with Message System (MUS)

News will be published from mobile phones and social media in order to inform nation before, during and after the disasters.

AVEA, TURKCELL and VODAFONE cellular message and SMS services will be used. Also system delivers warning messages via IOS and Android smart phones application.

Warning and Alarm System (İAS)

In case of disasters or emergency accidents, the sirens that have the ability for announcement and alarm will be used and the sections inhabited by people will be covered in optimal range.

Communication between command center and sirens will be with VHF-UHF walkie talkies. Furthermore system will support cabled and satellite communication.

Receive and Deliver News System (HAY)

Secure and rapid communication will be ensured between units. News can be delivered, end points’ states can be watched and 7/24 communication news flow will be ensured over system.

A Main Command Center for watch and manage the system, Data Suppliers for delivering news to system, Local Command Center for receiving news from system will connect to the HAY system. All end points’ connection status can be watched and be managed from Main Command Center.