HVTC - Classified Data Transfer Device

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HVTC is a dual mode device that acts both as key processor and cryptographic data transfer device. It stores electronic keys and related COMSEC accounting data, by receiving from KMI (Key Management Infrastructure) or various fill-gun devices/ media and transfer them to other fill-gun or crypto equipments in a secure manner.

HVTC is designed to operate as a fill device and/or end equipment of the Turkish EKADAS (KMI) which generate, distributes electronic cryptomaterials in secure and timely manner to many layered destinations through wired, wireless and satellite environments. HVTC receives electronic keys and COMSEC accounting data from fill-gun devices or EKADAS (KMI) System by communicating with EKADAS SMC(Security Management Center) Servers. HVTC processes these electronic keys & cryptographic data with advanced security features like mutual identity authentication, electronic signature, encryption and loads them to fill-gun, crypto equipments and various types of transfer media such as smart cards, usb memory sticks, CD/DVD, paper (A4/papertape). It also prepares and stores accounting & auditing data and transfers to the EKADAS (KMI) System. In addition to the flexible access control mechanism for operators, HVTC can also enforce centrally defined policies related to the key management operations. HVTC also transfers keys to NATO Fill Devices and End Cryptographic Units (ECUs). The fill device is also capable of transferring its accounting records to Security Management Center. Designed to be commercial/industrial grade, tactical, portable equipment, HVTC is fully compatible to the COMSEC, EMI/EMC, TEMPEST standards.


  • Supports electronic keys in NATO and National formats and modes
  • Secure transferring keys to/from EKADAS, NATO & national fill devices and crypto equipments
  • Electronic keys and cryptographic data transfer/receive controlled by user interface
  • Supports legacy and modern crypto materials
  • Accounting records for cryptographic key and device activities
  • Remotely managed ECU Fill Profile database of Tier3 devices
    • Platforms, ECUs
    • Key types, key slots, segment assigments
    • Fill interfaces, fill parameters
    • Key fill groups
  • Secure communication interfaces (between Tier2 and Tier3)
    • PSTN, HF/UHF, SATCOM, Ethernet
  • Fill interfaces
    • DS101, DS102, MİLAY, RS232, TapePuncher, USB 2.0 ( Akıllı kart, USB bellek, CD/DWDRW, Printer), Ethernet
  • High storage capacity (32 GB)
  • Policy and Role based access control
  • Two factor authentication (pin -token)
  • User friendly, icon based user interface (Multi language support)
  • Rugged, scratch resistant PCAP+ multi-touch-screen (16:9, 7 inch Color TFT WSVGA)
    • High resolution GUI (1024x600)
    • Gesture capable screen
    • Direct sunlight visibility
    • Works with hand and gloves
  • Built in crypto-processor supporting upto 1000+ crypto algorithms
  • Agile cryptography (crypto algorithm upgrade)
  • Remote software and firmware upgrade capability
  • Tamper-proof
  • EMI/EMC compatible (MIL-STD 461E)
  • TEMPEST compliant (SDIP-27/1 Level A)
  • Water and dust- proof (IP67)
  • Nominal temperature: min -20 °C, max +60 °C
  • Storage temperature: min -30 °C, max +70 °C
  • Physical size: 23.2cm x 15,8cm, 4.9cm, ~2Kg

Subject to Approval of Turkey Ministry of National Defence for Selling.