GM - Security Module

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GM is a genereal purspose hardware security module that provides cryptography and secure data storage functionalities. Designed to be military/ and commercial grade, tactical, portable equipment, GM is fully compatible to the COMSEC, EMI/EMC, TEMPEST standards. Güvenlik mekanizmalarının ağırlıklı olarak modüler ve yazılım tabanlı gerçeklenmiş olması sayesinde, donanım değişikliği gerektirmeden güncellenerek, güvenlik ürünlerine kolayca entegre edilebilir. Thanks to USB interface it can be easily integrated as an securtiy facilitator device with any host platform. Data or keys can be loaded both from host platform and various fill-gun devices/media in a secure manner. Data exchange is supported with fill-gun, crypto equipments and various types of transfer media such as smart cards, usb memory sticks, CD/DVD, paper (A4/papertape).


  • Both filling and loading electronic keys and cryptographic data through fill interface
  • Supports legacy and modern crypto materials
  • Accounting records for cryptographic key and device activities, and specific device events.
  • Remotely managed ECU Fill Profile database of Tier3 devices
    • Platforms, ECUs,
    • Key types, key slots, segment assigments
    • Fill interfaces, fill parameters
    • Key fill groups
  • Secure communication interfaces (between Tier2 and Tier3)
    • PSTN, HF/UHF, SATCOM, Ethernet
  • Fill interfaces
    • DS101,
    • DS102,
    • MİLAY,
    • RS232, TapePuncher
    • USB 2.0 (Smartcard, USB Memory, CD/DVDRW, Printer)
    • Ethernet (10/100/1000 over USB-Ethernet converter)
  • Internal hardware TRNG ( True Random Number Generator)
  • Extentable RNG capability with an external RNG
  • High storage capacity (32 GB)
  • Built in crypto-processor supporting upto 1000+ crypto algorithms
  • Crypto algorithm upgrade
  • Software and firmware upgrade capability
  • Tamper-proof (Tamper Switches, Temperature, Proximity, Ambient Light Sensors)
  • Pluggable Crypto Ignition Key
  • EMI/EMC compliant (MIL-STD-461E)
  • TEMPEST compliant (SDIP-27/1 Level A)
  • COMSEC compliant
  • Working temperature range: -20oC to +60 oC
  • Storage temperature range: -30oC to +70 oC
  • Physical sizes: 20cm x 15cm x 5cm, ~1.4 Kg

Subject to Approval of Turkey Ministry of National Defence for Selling.