GGM - Embedded Security Module

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Embedded security module is developed to be used in security applications, such as secure storage, access control, authentication for tablet PCs, mobile phones and similar devices.

Embedded security module uses UKTÜM-Hv7.0 integrated circuit having EAL5+ certificate and is a reliable alternative from the aspects of functionality, performance, and price.

Embedded security module is used in production of tablet PCs with its QFN package and implements the authentication function which enables the access of only authorized persons to a tablet PC.


  • Microprocessor: 8051 based (Internal memory: 256 B)
  • Flash Memory: Total 192 KB shared between ROM and data as
    • 64 KB ROM and 128 KB data memory or
    • 128 KB ROM and 64 KB data memory
  • SRAM: 8 KB
  • Interface: Compatible with ISO/IEC 7816 standart
  • Hardware implemented crypto functions resistant to side-channel attacks:
    • DES and 3-DES coprocessors
    • AES-256 coprocessor
    • RSA-1024 and RSA-2048 coprocessor
  • RNG: Hardware true random number generator compatible with FIPS 140-2 standard
  • Security: Common Criteria EAL5+ certified
    • Security sensors: High-low supply voltage/clock frequency/temperature
    • Efficient protection of integrated circuit surface against attacks
    • Detection of laser and fault attacks
    • Resistant to side-channel attacks