GEM / Secure Access Module

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GEM is the security module of Card Access Device which is developed to verify National Identification Card in electronic applications and authenticate the owner of that card. In other words, GEM implements the cryptographic functions of Card Access Device. By means of GEM, it becomes possible to access data fields such as the biometric data of the card owner, and to execute READ/WRITE operations on these fields. Besides, the use of certificates and keys embedded in GEM enables a secure communication with National Identification Card. Concisely, GEM is the module which provides the secure use of Card Access Device and consequently enables the secure authentication of identity information in electronic environment.


  • Communication with ISO 7816 (with cont act) standard message sets
  • Support of ISO 7816 command set
  • Secure messaging
  • Symmetric and asymmetric encryption (3DES, RSA, AES)
  • Genuine file and memory management system
  • Security architecture and secure key management
  • Role based access
  • Support of PKCS11, CSP
  • Common Criteria CC EAL4+ certified
  • Compatible with UKTUM, Infineon, and NXP chips