FODRAD / Fod Detection System

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FODRAD is a mm-wave radar system that detects various types of Foreign Object Debris (FOD) on the runway at airports and provides the operator with real-time display of the location and camera image of the debris. FODRAD, developed by TÜBİTAK-BİLGEM and DHMI collaboration, consists of three-to-five sensor platforms (depending on the length of the runway) placed outside the safety area along the runway in accordance with the obstacle limitations by ICAO. Each platform is equiped with a mm-wave radar and a day&night vision camera with IR illuminator. The system is aimed to prevent the FOD-caused accidents by providing 7/24 continuous automatic surveillance with remote control and monitoring capability from a single operational center. FODRAD is installed at the International Antalya Airport.

▪ Consists of 4 sensor platforms (mm-wave radar and day&night camera with IR illuminator) per runway
▪ 7/24 automatic surveillance with remote control capability from a single operational center
▪ Visual and audio warnings in case of FOD detections
▪ FOD location and image display on runway map
▪ Data and image recording up to 5 years
▪ Periodical assesment of runway pavement for any possible deformations
▪ Statistical data (detection time, location, type, description, etc.) records and report generation
▪ FAA AC150/5220-24 Advisory Circular compliance
▪ Fog/Vibration/Noise reduction in the optical sensor and focusable near IR illumination

▪ Operating Frequency: 94GHz
▪ Operation Mode: Coherent, FMCW
▪ Range Resolution: 0.25 m
▪ Location Accuracy: < ±1 m
▪ Operating Temp.: -20/+ 55 C°
▪ Pedestal: Vertical (+5°/-5°) & Horizontal (full-cycle)
▪ Radom: IP65 with Air Conditining

▪ Motorized Lens
▪ Fog/Vibration/ Noise Reduction
▪ Focusable IR Illumination for Night Vision
▪ Automatic zooming and focusing to the FODs detected by the mm-wave radar
▪ Pedestal: Vertical (+40°/-20°) & Horizontal (full-cycle)
▪ IP66 Housing