FİRMA MARKER / Company Marker Control Devices

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The Company Marker Control Devices and Audit System is developed and manufactured in order to enable the fuel companies to identify the fuel they are selling, to control their stations and to increase their service quality. The system consists of On Site Controllers and Data Collection Center, which enables the detection of Marker and measurement of concentration during on site inspections. All on site measurement results are delivered to the data collection center instantly, the whole system can be monitored online and statistical information can be obtained.

The results of the marker measurements generated by optical spectroscopy techniques in the spectral region of 400-1000 nm that collected both on site and in laboratory conditions are taken as instantaneous with GSM-GPRS and the data is delivered to the collection center. An information collected at the data collection center such as the date, time, location, temperature, type of fuel oil, identification of the device, information of the firm’s controller can be reported by using data mining and statistical methods.