FDC201 / Broadband Frequency Extender

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FDC201 is designed to extend the operating frequency range of downconverters such as FDC101. Signals between 18 – 40 GHz are down-converted to the 2.5 – 17.5 GHz range so that signals fall to the FDC101 frequency band. The device’s superior technical specifications allow it to support SIGINT applications.

The device has 3 RF inputs and one RF output. The first input band is 0.1 – 18 GHz and is bypassed to the output directly without any frequency conversion. 2nd and 3rd input connectors cover 18 – 26.5 GHz and 26.5 – 40 GHz bands respectively, and these frequencies are downconverted to the 2.5 – 17.5 frequency band and transmitted to the output port. 10 MHz reference in&out connectors are
also found on the rear panel.

The FDC201 is a 2U height, 19” standard rack-mount device. In addition to front panel controls, RS232 and Ethernet connections enable the device to be controlled remotely.


  • Frequency band: 18 GHz – 40 GHz
  • Noise figure: 10 dB (typical)
  • IF output frequency band: 2.5 GHz – 17.5 GHz
  • RF to IF gain: 12 dB (typical)
  • Input P1dB: -5 dBm (typical)
  • Image rejection: 75 dB (typical)
  • Phase noise: 0.4° RMS (typical)
  • Dimensions: 1U height, 19” width
  • Remote control: Ethernet and RS-232