EKMI (EKADAS KMI) Electronic Key Management Infrastructure

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EKADAS KMI supports central or distributed generation of key materials. It also automatically delivers any type of crypto key materials to pre planned end crypto units, in a scalable, fast, and secure way.

EKMI have been designed with the primary goals of pre-planned locations, modularity and flexibility. Different security protocols and crypto algorithms can be applied with ease thanks to its updatable Security Module. Along with traditional EKMS scenarios, it also provides interfaces to work with other management systems, which facilitates constructing an umbrella key management system.

HVTC, new generation key transfer and fill device of EKMI, provides additional capabilities on top of the ones provided by most known key fill devices.

For reliability purpose, the system can be operated two redundant management sites. It also supports delivering crypto keys to remote locations using PSTN, H/F, Satellite and Ethernet connections.


  • Support for any kind of classified data (old keys, modern keys, certificates, codebooks, firmware, mission data, etc)
  • High quality and controlled key generation (Quantum and true RNG combinations)
  • Transition from EKMS to KMI
    • Infrastructure for key management of new generations ECUs
    • ECU Inventory-based keymat distribution and accounting
    • Constructing a Common Key Management Framework
      • National key management umbrella
      • Key management in cooperation with mission management systems of ECUs
      • Integrating existing key/mission management systems
      • Replaces redundant EKMS components/systems,
      • Central and/or distributed keymat generation
  • Built-in key generation capability for over hundred ECU types
  • On-the-fly custom key format design capability
  • Intelligent and automated key accounting
  • Ability to define cryptographic and managerial relations between keymats
  • Ability to create operational and cryptographic relationship between key materials
  • Supports complicated key scenarios such as IFFMode5, and Link-16
  • Secure and remote software/firmware update for KMI devices
  • Centrally managed ECU Fill Profile database of Tier3 devices
    • Platforms, ECUs, Key types, slots, segment assignments
    • Fill interfaces, fill parameters, Key fill groups
  • Fast responses with on-line, 3-layered, star backbone
  • NATO IEKMS interoperability
  • Supports Platform Key Management Systems such as JSF and A400M
  • Reliable architecture
  • Built-in secure e-Mail support