DDA-1 / Quadrant Photodetectors

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DDA-I quadrant photodetectors have four parallel PIN-diodes on the same silicon substrate. These detectors are optimized for high response at 1064 nm, the YAG laser light wavelength, and offer higher responsiveness and wider dynamic range compared to similar products on the market. DDA-I quadrant photodetector technology is developed and produced entirely by TÜBİTAK BİLGEM.

▪ Nd: YAG Sensitivity
▪ High Speed and Accuracy
▪ Low Capacitance, High Breakdown Voltage
▪ Low Dark Current
▪ Wide Dynamic Range
▪ High Responsiveness

▪ Pulse Detectors
▪ Optical Communications
▪ Bar Code Readers
▪ Optical Remote Control
▪ Medical Equipment
▪ High Speed Photometry

Subject to Approval of Turkey Ministry of National Defence for Selling.