DATAS / Submarine Tactical Simulator

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DATAS is a tactical and operational training simulator for submarine commanders and combat teams. The system generates different training scenarios for search, engagement, attack and avoidance.


DATAS is located on shore and consists of three physical sections.

  • Training Control Room: In this room trainers control the simulation system, prepare and run training scenarios.
  • Central Room: Room where the trainees take tactical and operational decisions and perform the training.
  • Debriefing Room: Room for the evaluation of training results with the assistance of debriefing tools.


  • Submarine central room systems and consoles simulation
  • Cylindrical array sonar
  • Flank array sonar
  • Passive ranging sonar
  • Intercept passive sonar
  • Active sonar
  • Radar and ESM (Electronic Support Measures)
  • LINK/ROL-11
  • Torpedo and guided missile


  • Fire Control and Target Motion Analysis (TMA)
  • Submarine navigation simulation
  • Dead reckoning table simulation
  • Underwater environment modeling
  • Platform and ambient noise modeling
  • Acoustic propagation modeling (Normal Mode and Ray Trace)
  • Autonomously acting target modeling
  • Application of Unit Submarine Warfare (USW) Tactics

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