DAKA / BTBM / Acoustic Decoy Development For Submarine / Quest of Acoustic Reactions for Anti-Torpedo

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DAKA / BTBM is the modeling and simulation tool for decoy and jammer release and evasive maneuvers for submerged platforms and surface vessels under torpedo threat.


  • Defining torpedo tactics
    • Avoidance maneuver
    • Decoy/jammer operating modes and release sequence
  • Defining threat situation as scenario
  • Defining sound speed profile
  • Defining sea bottom type and profile
  • Defining torpedo threat
    • Heavy/light torpedo selection
    • Defining torpedo guidance behavior and sonar
  • Defining acoustic decoy and jammer
  • Defining submerged platforms/surface vessels and sonar payloads


  • Torpedo/platform/decoy/jammer dynamical analysis
  • Torpedo phase change analysis
  • Torpedo and platform sonar data analysis
  • Acoustic decoy/jammer data analysis
  • Successful/failed tactics analysis
  • Most successful tactic selection
  • Tactics comparison
  • Forward/reverse replay on time axis
  • Analysis report generation
  • Data transfer to Microsoft Excel
  • Defining RUN by scenario and tactics
    • Single run: Two dimensional animation and pre-analysis
    • Multiple run: Statistical analysis
  • Display of online data of the simulation run
  • Replay at various speeds


  • 4 and 6 Degrees of Freedom (DOF) dynamical modeling
  • Underwater acoustic propagation modeling (Ray Trace)
  • Guidance and movement modeling in accordance with torpedo phases
  • Modeling of torpedo detection, evaluation and decoying behavior of decoys
  • Modeling of noise emission behavior of jammers

Subject to Approval of Turkey Ministry of National Defence for Selling.