Cryptanalysis Laboratory

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Cryptanalysis Laboratory carries out the cryptanalysis activities under Vice Presidency of Testing and Evaluation (TDBY). In Cryptanalysis Laboratory, cryptographic security of information security solutions for military, public and private institutions/organizations are being studied by expert cryptographers since 1995.

Cryptanalysis Laboratory performs its activities in two major fields: “cryptographic algorithm analysis” and “cryptographic architecture analysis”. During these activities, the cryptographic security of a cryptographic algorithm or an architecture against open literature attacks or original attacks is determined.

Cryptanalysis of cryptographic algorithms comprises following activities:

  • Cryptanalysis and evaluation of cryptographic primitives, such as cryptographic encryption/decryption algorithms, cryptographic hash algorithms, message authentication codes,etc. in cryptographic systems. Security conditions of these cryptographic primitives are also determined.

Cryptanalysis of cryptographic architectures comprises following activities:

  • Analysis of cryptographic aspects of key management plan, synchronization of cryptographic parameters, authentication, access control, authorization, confidentiality, integrity, signature, source verification mechanisms, etc. in cryptographic systems and their mutual interactions.
  • Determination of cryptographic management rules that are vital for the security and maintenance of cryptographic systems.

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