B3LAB / Safir Devops

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Safir DevOps solution of Cloud Computing and Big Data Research Laboratory (B3LAB) provides environments, services and tools required during the software development and operations processes on Safir Infrastructure to software development and operations teams by providing fast and trouble-free operation of DevOps in software projects.

The following solutions are available within the Safir DevOps process:

▪ Virtual machine / container-based software development environments on which frequently used IDEs, databases, and development tools are installed
▪ Ready services for common applications such as MySQL, RabbitMQ
▪ Source code version tracking, history retrieval, multiple branching and code review
▪ Automatic unit test run after coding process, code coverage rate measurements
▪ Environment-independent automatic code compilation, packaging
▪ Micro service level deployment
▪ Running application services on isolated containers
▪ Publish applications on Platform services
▪ Automatic code analysis and quality measurements
▪ Automatic performance test and analysis for every code change
▪ Automatic compatibility tests and test automation in different operating systems and different browsers
▪ Create multiple copies
▪ Create a highly accessible and scalable application environment
▪ Status and error reporting at all stages of the process