B3LAB / Safir Cloud Storage

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Safir Depo (Safir Cloud Storage) developed by TUBITAK BİLGEM Cloud Computing and Big Data Research Laboratory (B3LAB) is a national and secure cloud object storage application. Objects stored in Safir Depo are accessible anytime and anywhere via smartphones, tablets or computers through Internet.

Safir Depo allows to carry out file operations such as creating folder hierarchies, moving, renaming, etc. on all kinds of files such as documents, audios, photos, videos. Furthermore, Safir Depo enables online viewing, editing and versioning on the office documents via LibreOffice Online / Only Office. Thanks to the object sharing feature, the files / folders in the Safir Depo can easily be shared with everyone and the office documents can be edited collaboratively. Safir Depo users can create groups with other Safir Depo users by using group management functions and provide file / folder sharing with these groups.

Safir Depo offers intelligent service add-ons with machine learning capabilities. Through these add-ons, various analyses can be performed on uploaded documents, images and videos. Documents shared in Safir Depo can be classified by labeling according to word density, and documents can be summarized. The anti-virus service can scan the executable files, and give information to the users before downloading if the files are infected. With the version comparison feature, changes in different versions of text files can be displayed and the percentage difference can be determined. Images and videos stored in Safir Depo can be classified according to image / sequence contents.

In addition to the Safir Depo web client, desktop and mobile clients are available and Safir Depo desktop clients are able to work offline.

All clients have end-to-end cryptographic encryption capability with a distributed key architecture for files and folders. With this unique capability, no one other than the user (including system administrators) can access the key and cannot access the encrypted shares. Safir Depo allows security services and a reliable service authority to come together to create the user key when needed, thus preventing data losses. In secure storage, files and folders are encrypted on the client side and stored fully encrypted on the network and on the cloud. In addition to encrypting the user’s own files / folders, encrypted files / folders can be shared with other Safir Depo users and groups.

Safir Depo has a quickly adaptable and largely scalable structure regarding its open source and high available cloud technologies.