B3LAB / Safir Cloud Infrastructure

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Cloud Computing and Big Data Research Laboratory (B3LAB) offers a cloud computing solutions with flexible, highly available, scalable, and easy-tomanage infrastructure. Based on the Pike version of the OpenStack supported by NASA and Rackspace, Safir Bulut (Safir Cloud Infrastructure) provide platform and software services as well as standard infrastructure services. B3LAB contributes to the development of open source OpenStack project. Customized services can be developed and integrated to the OpenStack according to the needs of public institutions.

Safir Bulut includes the following services:

▪ Users who want to use Safir Bulut can register to the system via Safir Bulut UI without resorting to any formal authority.
▪ With Safir Monitoring Service, both Safir Bulut system administrators and individual users can monitor the usage of related IT resources and take necessary actions according to usage trends.
▪ Safir Billing Service offers a credit-based billing solution to monitor system-wide resource utilization and ensures fair use. Usage information is presented to the users via e-mail periodically. A more efficient green data center management is provided by shutting down/hibernating idle resources.
▪ Safir Automated Scaling Service provides automatic scaling of cloud infrastructure by learning resource utilization rates based on Safir Monitoring Service metrics and predicting future needs. Safir Green Computing Service (Scheduler ENhanced) is provided which minimizes energy consumption, optimizing energy savings and lowers costs by putting machines to sleep.
▪ Safir OpenStack Migration Service (O2O migrator) offers to facilitate the migration between different OpenStack versions and to accelerate the transition process.
▪ Safir VMware-OpenStack Migration Service enables automatic migration of virtual machine and block storage areas between different cloud infrastructures including VMWare and OpenStack.
▪ Safir Quick Start Screen allows users to easily perform operations such as virtual machine creation, virtual disk creation, as well as creation of big data and container clusters. Furthermore, DevOps service requirements can also be provided via this screen.
▪ Safir Automated Snapshot Service provides the snapshot of virtual machines created on the Safir Bulut can be easily retrieved from the replica.