B3LAB / Safir Big Data

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Big Data Analysis Solutions of Cloud Computing and Big Data Research Laboratory (B3LAB) can be used to process and analyze large amounts of streaming and batch data in different forms in order to extract valuable information. Safir Veri (Safir Big Data) offers big data storage, architecture and analytics solutions that are easy to install and use. These solutions include analytical applications that provide detection and prediction of unexpected situations that may pose a threat to national security and national policies in critical areas such as finance, education, border security, smuggling and so on.

With SAFIR Big Data, activities and solutions in the following scope are provided.

▪ Big data architecture solutions
- Installation and consultancy of Hadoop clusters
- Configuration, management and optimization of Hadoop clusters
- Configuration and optimization of operating systems for big data
- Configuration and optimization of big data file systems
▪ Design and installation of big data network architectures
▪ Data flow and processing solutions
- Streaming data management and processing solutions
- Batch data transfer, management and processing solutions
▪ Installation, configuration and optimization of big data databases
- Code optimization
▪ Big data analytics solutions
- Anomaly detection
- Prediction analysis
- Classification analysis
- Clustering analysis
▪ Data quality and standardization tool
▪ Trainings
- Big data technologies training
- Big data analytics training
▪ Machine learning training
▪ Example applications
- Data center analytics
- Analysis of call center records
- Genomic variation analysis platform
- Root cause analysis for student exam failure
- Prediction of inflation indicators