ASTERIXCARE / Radar Test Software

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AsterixCARE, which was developed with the General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMİ), is a powerful and extendible tool set for testing, analysis and validation of surveillance data. The software enables recording, replay and export of recorded data into different formats such as excel, txt, etc.

AsterixCARE has user-friendly graphical interface and flexible software for ATC environments and radar system operators. Data is decoded according to ASTERIX which is a Eurocontrol referenced standard.


  • Online monitoring: Simultaneous recording and synchronized replay of multiple data streams
  • Plug-in based software: New categories can be added
  • Exportable radar data into other formats (excel, txt etc.)
  • Offline running is possible by replaying record files
  • Radar data recording in ASTERIX final format (Eurocontrol standard)
  • Radar data filtering by different parameters
  • Traffic and track informations can be displayed in 2D or 3D
  • Weather data display
  • Alerts and notifications for invalid and non-compliant data to standard
  • Mode S, ADS-B, ASMGCS and Multilateration data format support
  • Different map layers can be added (i.e. airspace layers)
  • Accessing to all ASTERIX data fields
  • Zoom, distance measurement, history trail and track labels