Analytical Devices and Systems

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R & D studies based on identifying-diagnostic-analysis have been started for the purpose of reducing the foreign dependence of our country by combining opto / microelectronics, software engineering and chemistry-biology-physics-mathematics-nanotechnology expertise. For this reason, Analytical Devices and Systems Laboratory was established and started its project activities.

With these activities, it is aimed to develop innovative and groundbreaking new generation diagnostic devices and biochips. These studies require a multidisciplinary experience in many areas ranging from electronic component design and production to biological test development. For this reason, experts from different disciplines such as bioengineering, molecular biology and genetics have been working with chemistry, electronics, software and mechanical engineers. All project teams work based on both the project manegement methodology and quality principles. A laboratory infrastructure was founded to enable these studies to be carried out in the most efficient way.

Developed within the studies of the projects, these devices, which allow for portable and on-site detection, are expected to be widely used in the near future in many areas such as medical diagnosis, food and environment safety, bioprocess control, agriculture and food industry and environmental monitoring.