AKİS BİLET /Ospt Cipurse Based Smartcard For Electronic Ticketing&Payment Applications

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AKiS BiLET is an open specification, multi-application contactless smartcard, based on OSPT CIPURSE1 specifications, developed by TÜBİTAK BİLGEM, member of OSPT Alliance since 2013. Thanks to its advanced security structure, low cost architecture and open standards which it is based on, AKiS BiLET was designed as a dedicated electronic payment device for AFC systems. Furthermore, AKiS BiLET offers proper contactless solutions for other industries such as access control systems and car park systems.

▪ Contactless communication rate 848 kbps
▪ Operating frequency 13,56 MHz
▪ ISO / IEC 14443-4 protocol layer support
▪ File System according to ISO / IEC 7816-4
▪ APDU Command set compliant with ISO / IEC 7816-4 and ISO / IEC 7816-92
▪ 8 applications configurable2
▪ 32 files per application configurable2
▪ Supports all types of binary, linear record, cyclic record, value record files
▪ Consistent transaction3 mechanism configurable for each file
▪ Multiple Application support

▪ Hardware platform certified for CC EAL 6+
▪ True Random Number Generator (TRNG)
▪ Advanced encryption mechanism based on AES1284
▪ 8 AES-1284 keys per application configurable
▪ Easy and flexible key management
▪ Data exchange protocol inherently resistant to Differential Power Analysis (DPA) attacks
▪ Data exchange protocol inherently resistant to Differential Fault Analysis (DFA) attacks
▪ 3 Pass Mutual Authentication based on ISO / IEC 9798-2, using AES-128
▪ Secure Messaging Modes based on ISO / IEC 7816-4 (PLAIN, AES MACed, AES ENCed)
▪ Data and sequence integrity protection
▪ File based access right and secure messaging

▪ eTicket applications
▪ Time and attendance systems
▪ Access control systems
▪ Car park systems
▪ Library applications
▪ Health card, social card and loyalty applications


CIPURSE open specifications provide a proven technology based on ISO/IEC 7816, ISO/IEC 14443 standards and AES-128 to offer a secure, flexible and standard automatic fare collection systems as well as loyalty applications.

Platform independent:
CIPURSE technology can be implemented on native smartcard chips as well as on JavaCards and NFC secure elements.

Vendor Independent: CIPURSE technology is not a proprietary solution of a particular company. It was developed as an open standard and open technology product which everyone can implement. Today, several technology companies including TUBITAK BILGEM have certified CIPURSE products and the number of such companies are increasing day by day.

Reader Independent: CIPURSE technology doesn’t require special hardware to communicate with; all readers conforming ISO/IEC 14443 Type A L4 standards can be used with Cipurse Cards.

1 CIPURSE Specifications are published by OSPT Alliance.
2 Only valid for CIPURSE profile T.
3 The mechanism used to avoid inconsistent update of data stored on the card.
4 AES, Advance Encryption Standard, ISO / IEC 18033-3:2010 & FIPS 197.