Testing and Evaluation

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  • TEMPEST Test and Evaluation Laboratory
  • EMI/EMC Test and Evaluation Laboratory
  • Crypto Analysis Laboratory
  • Common Criteria Test Center and COMSEC Test and Evaluation Laboratory
  • Software Test and Quality & Evaluation Laboratory
  • Radar Performance and Signature Analysis (RAPSİM) Laboratory
  • TÜTEL / Intergrated Circuit Design and Training Laboratory

TEMPEST Test and Evaluation Laboratory
aboratory tests information leakages of electronical devices which process classified data. It also carries out these: Device/system TEMPEST tests, platform TEMPEST tests, TEMPEST consultancy, TEMPEST facilities evaluation, development of automatic TEMPEST test systems and TEMPEST trainings.

EMI/EMC Test and Evaluation Laboratory
aboratory performs electromagnetic compatibility, interference analysis and tests of platforms.It executes these as well: Minimizing the problems of  electromagnetic interference (EMI) on military platforms such as aircrafts, vessels etc., prediction of electromagnetic interference (EMI)  problems (Analysis), determination/suggestions of precautions necessary for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), verification of the afore-said precautions (Test). 

Cryptanalysis Laboratory
The laboratory conducts cryptanalysis and evaluation activities of cryptographic algorithms, protocols, architecture and their interaction in a system or device. It mainly executes cryptographic algorithm and cryptographic architecture analyses.

Common Criteria Test Center
The laboratory conducts security tests of information technology products in compliance with ISO/IEC 15408-Common Criteria. It also performs common criteria evaluations and tests of new generation cash registers.

COMSEC Test and Evaluation Laboratory
The laboratory conducts COMSEC tests on communication and information processing devices which include cryptographic applications and are used either by NATO or the country itself. It also carries out COMSEC tests and random number generator tests

Software Test and Quality Evaluation Laboratory
The laboratory conducts activities for the increase of software projects quality via its independent software test and software quality evaluations. It also exercises functional tests, software quality analyses, usability tests, load and performance tests, evaluations of conformity to standards.

Radar Performance and Signature Analysis (RAPSİM) Laboratory
The laboratory analyzes the deteriorating effects of wind farms on the performance of radar, navigation and communications systems. Additionally, it conducts impact assessment analysis of wind farms, radar cross section calculation and reduction studies and target classification.