Technology Transfer and Commercialization

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  • Project Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Design, Integration & Verification
  • Technology Transfer
  • Pilot Production
  • Field Technical Support
  • ​Contracts

Project Monitoring and Evaluation Department
The department executes the technical, financial and contractual monitoring, evaluating and reporting processes of projects.

Design, Integration and Verification
The department, along with integration and verification activities, conducts industrial, mechanical, printed circuit designs and prototype production.

Technology Transfer
The department carries out activities for the protection and assessment of intellectual property (IP) rights which derive from project processes..

Pilot Production
The department conducts activities for the limited production of strategically-important devices or solutions developed at BİLGEM.

Field Technical Support
The department conducts activities for the spare parts supply, maintenance/repair and modification of products/devices developed at BİLGEM.