BİLGEM Quality Policy

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In line with our Vision, Mission and Core Values;

  • To ensure the technological independence of Turkey in the field of information security and informatics, to secure R&D activities with the leadership of the senior management, with the knowledge and experience acquired, in order to realize unique and high value-added products and services that will make the competitive power permanent,
  • To provide the technology, products and services that best meet the needs of our stakeholders and our military, public and private sector strategic collaborations by managing their feedback through effective communication and maximizing stakeholder satisfaction,
  • To provide the applicable conditions of the BİLGEM Quality Management System in an effective, efficient and sustainable way, to continuously improve the performance of our processes with the participation of our stakeholders, appropriate technology infrastructure and an effective measurement systematic, monitoring risks and opportunities, and taking corrective and remedial actions, to raise awareness of the quality management system,
  • To monitor BİLGEM human resources competencies, to support the continuous improvement of the quality management system with the contributions of these competencies and to ensure the adequacy of resources, in order to provide solutions that add value and give direction to stakeholders.