BİLGEM Informatics and Information Security Research Center-

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The need for information systems is increasing more and more. This need has reached such an extent that their absence is hardly imaginable. In this information age, we, someway or another, have to use an electronic device or system in order to maintain our lives.

That’s why, it is of almost importance that processes on/through electronic devices are carried out under safe and secure conditions. In this sense, security and integrity of the information processed are of topmost importance.Additionally, one has to be sure about the source and reliability of such information. Another important issue is the necessity of information systems that have to present secure and innovative solutions maintaining business continuity and enhancing institutional performance.

Preservation and transfer of the military and civilian information under secure conditions are important not only for countries but also for institutions. To maintain this security, some countries reserve big budgets while others are unaware of their security needs. It is only when the institutional information solutions are viewed and designed as a whole that will provide the expected goals. That’s why, we have adopted a holistic approach in developing our solutions instead of focusing only on the features of new technology or devices. Among our priorities in this direction are human factors, institutions’ habits and the usability of new technology and devices, which all have huge infl uence in all processes.

The right approach in this regard includes correct analysis of the service and security (that are the expected results of information systems and solutions) and also deciding on the system architecture with a comprehensive risk analysis.

TÜBİTAK BİLGEM does not present a prototype solutions for informatics and security needs of its customers both from the public and private sector. But instead, BİLGEM adopts the principle of providing each of its customer with tailor-made solutions.


R&D Organization
Consisting of more than 1600 staff , more than 80% of whom are R&D staff , TÜBİTAK BİLGEM operates on information technology, information security and advanced electronics. Based upon its experience exceeding 40 years, the center is now one of the most competent R&D centers of Turkey.

Success Beyond National Boundaries
The institutions within BİLGEM have so far attained hundreds of project achievements in the fields of information security, software and telecommunication. These institutions are namely the National Research Institute of Electronics and Cryptology (UEKAE), the Information Technologies Institute (BTE), The Advanced Technologies Research Institute (İLTAREN), The Cyber Security Institute (SGE) and The Software Technologies Research Institute (YTE). Thanks to the projects of the aforementioned institutes, Turkey has become one of the few countries declaring its technological independence in the fields of information security and informatics.

Products and solutions developed by BİLGEM have gone beyond the country’s border, being used by many European and Asian countries and NATO as well.

In other words, Turkey is no more a country which only imports informatics and information security; but also competes with the world’s leading countries in this regard.