BİLGEM Corporate Risk Management Policy

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  • Believes in the importance of risk management in order to create value via the technology, products and services it provides to its stakeholders, increase stakeholder satisfaction, achieve effective results by using its resources in the most efficient way and ensure their sustainability. As an indicator of this, considers Risk Management; in all its managerial and operational activities.
  • In order to carry out its activities in a sustainable way in line with its mission and to reach its goals and objectives determined within the scope of its Strategic Plan; determines, rates, takes the necessary measures, monitors and regularly reports corporate risks with the appropriate technology infrastructure and an effective systematic. Also continuously improves its risk management approach with reviews. Uses risk management models accepted in national and international practices for the integrated management of risks.
  • Undertakes to have the necessary resources to fulfill the obligations related to risk management and to carry out the actions.
  • Groups the risks it monitors under the following basic categories: strategic risks, legal risks, financial risks, environmental risks, process risks, project risks, occupational health and safety risks and information security risks.