SRC155A / Point-to-Point SDH/PDH Eth. Dig. Radio Device

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The SRC 155A series of Point-to-Point digital radio devices deliver highly flexible and reliable solutions for nxE1 (up to 64xE1) and nxE3 (up to 4xE3) in PDH hierarchy; STM-1 in SDH hierarchy; up to 156 Mbps in Layer 2 Ethernet communication. The operating frequency bands are 7, 8, 10.5, 15 and 26 GHz (ITU).


  • Software based selection of data capacity, modulation type, RF channel frequency, transmission mode (redundant or non-redundant), output power and test facilities for operator needs 
  • Thanks to plug&play modules, already established links can have required capacity and interfaces
  • Flexible installation and operation thanks to separated IDU (Indoor Unit) and ODU (Outdoor Unit) structures.
  • Low infrastructure requirement and cost thanks to efficient built-in control system and optional RF Network Management System Software
  • PDH data transmission at 16xE1, 32xE1 and 64xE1, 1xE3, 2xE3, 4xE3 without a need of additional multiplexer thanks to scaleable PDH multiplexer interface cards
  • SRC155A system can be managed and monitored by using any SNMP-based network or device management system.


  • Standard ITU-R licensed frequency bands (7, 8, 10.5, 15 and 26 GHz)
  • Mixed Mode working capability, PDH and SDH communication (16-32-64xE1, 1-2-4xE3, STM1-o, Gigabit Ethernet)
  • IEEE 802.3, ITU-T G.703 compliant data interface cards
  • Suitable architecture for (1+0), (1+1) frequency diversity, (1+1) HSB Tx, (1+1) space diversity Rx, (2+0) working modes
  • In the separated architecture, base band circuits (IDU: Indoor Unit) and Tx/Rx (ODU: Outdoor Unit) are connected with single coaxial cable connection for (1+0) and two coaxial cables for (1+1 and 2+0).
  • Optimization of bandwidth efficiency with adjustable modulation type depending on data rate