SATEL / Underwater Telephone

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Underwater Telephone is a microprocessor controlled communication system which allows communication between surface/subsurface vessels through underwater acoustic waves.

The use of the upper or lower sideband respectively with suppressed carrier frequency (SSBoperation) guarantees a high signal-to-noise ratio at a high transmission bandwidth. The carrier frequency is designed as fixed (quartz stabilized) for NATO frequency or tunable from 2 kHz to 40 kHz for USB and from 5 kHz to 43 kHz for LSB.

While sailing in convoy, it is possible to communicate with suitable station using different frequencies.

Transmission bandwidth is reduced in telegraphy mode for optimum signal-to-noise ratio. The transducer group is connected to the main unit via an auxiliary connection box.

The operation and display units are placed in the integrated navigation rack.

Hydrostatic pressure: Equipment exposed to the hydrostatic pressure is resistant to 5 MPa (50 bar). The test pressure can be up to 6.25 MPa (62.5 bar)

▪ Underwater telephone and telegraphy system
▪ Transmit and receive the amplitude modulated sound waves in the water with transducers
▪ Communicate with proper counter stations
▪ Selectable operating frequencies
▪ Independent Control and Monitoring
▪ Air cooled system in operation mode
▪ Anti-condensation capability in stand-by mode
▪ Interfaces to the communication system for recording of audio signals


▪ Standard frequency: NATO frequency; quartz stabilized
▪ Tunable carrier frequency (in 1 Hz steps)
▪ Frequency indicated as numerical value and by a marker on Integrated LCD
▪ Upper side band (USB): 2 kHz to 40 kHz
▪ Lower side band (LSB): 5 kHz to 43 kHz
▪ Power output: 100W at 35 Ω

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