MARSsys / Management & Analysis of Radio Spectrum System

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Management and Analysis of Radio Spectrum System (MARSsys) is the unique solution satisfying both military and civil operational requirements through the integration of a wide range of spectrum management capabilities at national and international levels. Offering full support for NATO SMADEF-XML data exchange standard, thus facilitating international coordination capability in spectrum management, MARSsys is considered as one of the most advanced software in spectrum management field. MARSsys provides role based access control on underlying data and imposes authorization checks on a hierarchical organization structure. Each data item can also be masked based on security clearence level attributes of both data and the user. Frequency assignment process, frequency request and interference messaging process, interference analysis and interference-free frequency assignment process are supported. Coverage analysis for various system types and frequency bands are also provided along with many other technical analysis tools.


  • ITU-R compatible propagation models for LF/MF-HF-V/UHF-Radar-Radio
  • Link bands (3KHz- 52 GHz)
  • User-friendly, flexible, and customizable user interface
  • Stand alone operation
  • Database query interface
  • Batch analysis for multiple systems
  • GİS-based Interactive Map Interface
  • DTED 0/1/2 height data usage
  • Support for various vector and raster map formats
  • Layered display of maps and analysis results
  • Powerful report and print-out capabilities


  • Multi - user database
  • Allocation / Allotment/ Assignment databases
  • Joint Restricted Frequency List (JRFL)
  • Frequency Assignment Wizard
  • Inventory Database
  • Advanced query interface
  • Role based user access and operation control
  • Interactive Map Interface
  • Powerful data exchange capabilities: Import / export interfaces including NATO SMADEF-XML format