KYS - Card Management System

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KYS consists of applications capable of managing all the life cycle for official documents such as identity card, driving license, passport etc.

KYS offers applicable solutions for different requirements based on Inventory, Reporting, Personalization and Recording modules available in KYS.

KYS has safely met the requirements of many medium and large scale organizations until today.


  • Server: KYS is independent from platform and database management system and easily integrated to exterior systems via web-services. It realizes the operation logic significantly. It offers role-authority based access and back-up operation support.
  • Smart Card: KYS is compatible with National Smart Card Operation System (AKİS/UKİS) and JCOP. It is integrated with identity, passport and driving license implementations.
  • Security: KYS has features including authority based access, safe storage of sensitive data, SSL connection between terminals, operational records with electronic signature and card access to system.
  • PKI: KYS operates in integration with National Public Key Infrastructure (MA3).


  • Creating application package
  • Managing application package
  • Customization of application package
  • Quality control
  • Capability of operation integral with industrial and desktop customization machines
  • Terminal and use management
  • Announcement management


  • Receipt of application records
  • Card and application status monitoring
  • Accepting mobile (online/off-line) application records
  • Accepting bio-metric application records in accordance with standards


  • Reporting in accordance with roles
  • Card based reporting
  • Machine based reporting
  • Reporting based on operational records
  • Parametric inquiry options
  • Output capability in PDF, MS Excel and MS Word formats


  • Enrollment with/without card serial numbers
  • Card return, cancellation and destruction operations
  • Dissemination of cards to the personalization environment
  • End of Day operations
  • Safe receipt and delivery
  • Declaration of card status summary