KUSRAD / Avian Radar

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The KUŞRAD system, which was developed with the General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMİ), is designed to operate uninterruptedly 24 hours a day with a coverage volume of a maximum 40 km range in horizontal axis. It can detect targets and classify them as “Bird”, “Flock of birds” and “Aircraft”. It provides operator(s) target data including target range, altitude, heading, route/trajectory and velocity. The system can be used to track migratory bird movements in critical airspaces around civilian airports to evaluate their treat to safety, and can help in the planning of scheduled flights to reduce accident risk.


  • Radar Location/Shelter(HR, VR, signal processing unit of detection & tracking configuration & maintenance PC, GPS receiver, meteorological measurement sub-system, UPS)
  • Operation Center (Data Recording Unit, Operator Graphical Interface Console, server and storage units, printer and UPS)


  • 3D Detection & Tracking of avian targets
  • Classification of avian targets (as Bird, Flock of birds and Aircraft)
  • Visual and/or audio warning upon detection of targets classified as “Bird” or “Flock of birds” in operator defined critical region(s)
  • Detailed (Doppler) analysis of any operator designated target(s)
  • Recording and statistical analysis of detection and tracking data
  • Remote access to statistical data and network connection
  • Vertical and Horizontal Radar data fusion
  • Reporting outputs in ASTERIX standard
  • Video recording and replay


  • Horizontal Radar (HR): S-Band pulse radar
  • Vertical Radar (VR): X-Band solid-state, Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW)
  • Working mode;
    • Mod 1: 3D volume detection and tracking
    • Mod 2: 2D HR detection and tracking, VR sectoral high resolution Doppler analysis
  • Antenna Beam width: 1.8° horizontal, 25° vertical (HR); 0.8° vertical, 10° horizontal (VR)
  • Antenna Rotation Speed: 21 rpm (VR); < 100°/sec (VR)
  • Detection & Tracking Range: 40 km (HR); 20 km (VR)
  • Resolution: < 20 m (HR); < 6 m (VR)
  • Output Power: 60 kW peak (HR); 20 W continuously (VR)
  • Pulse Width: 0,2 - 0,6 μs (HR)
  • PRF: 1100 - 600 Hz (HR), > 3200 Hz (VR)
  • Doppler Processing: > 32 filter banks (VR Mode 2)
  • Tracking Speed Limits: 2-100 m/sec
  • Number of Targets: < 500