KERMEN / Public Key Infrastructure Desktop Client

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Thanks to widely used internet and computer systems, companies and organizations can require their employees cooperate together and share information extensively even if they are located at different places. E-mail services play significant role as means of information sharing and gain importance day by day. It has become very usual to have reports, plans and design documents containing proprietary corporate data flowing over E-mail servers. These E-mails and documents mostly remain accessible to unauthorized people. Having accessed by malicious people, the leakage of those valuable E-mails can cause severe commercial damage and weaken the brand power of the company which makes E-mail protection and desktop computer security solutions clear requirements for desktop and portable computer.

▪ Secured E-mail module
▪ Desktop computer security module
▪ Kermen Sur

▪ Secure E-mail (SMIME)
▪ File signing/encryption
▪ Secure folder
▪ Certificate validation
▪ Secure deletion

▪ Work with X.509 v3 Certificates which are prepared by using RSA, DSA and Elliptic Curve algorithms
▪ Using 3DES, AES algorithms for PKCS7/CMS
▪ SHA-1 and SHA-2 message digest algorithms
▪ PKCS12 and PKCS5, password based encryption algorithms

▪ Work with PKCS11 compliant smart cards and tokens
▪ In the absence of smart cards and tokens, the keys are taken by PFX files and securely stored/used in local storage