KAYC-S/N - Crypto Key Loading Device / NATO

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KAYC-S/N is a crypto device which is used for storing the crypto keys and data received from interfaces and protocols identified by EKMS-308F standard securely, transporting them and key loading/data transmitting to cryptographic terminals in NATO inventory.

KAYC-S/N has SECAN security approval for all NATO security levels, and is considered as a NATO product since it is approved by “Military Committee”.

KAYC-S/N can securely store the red/black keys and cryptographic data which are received from local management devices (LMD/KP, DMD), data transportation devices (AN/CYZ-10 (DTD), DTD2000 (SDS), Simple Key Loader (SKL), EKATAC/EKAYÜC) and key loading devices (KYK-13, KAYC-10, KAYC-32, KAOC-8, KOI- 18). In addition, the device can transfer the keys to data transfer devices as black or red and load them to cryptographic terminals.

KAYC-S/N is capable of keeping account of information of the keys safely and transfer the account information to local management devices such as LMD/KP, DMD. Moreover, the device supports CT3 (Common Tier3) application software substructure.

Data security in the device is provided by system architecture based on red/black separation, filtering, tamper protection and emergency deleting. KAYC-S/N is a tactical device and it is complaint with COMSEC, EMI/EMC, TEMPEST standards.

▪ “NATO TOP SECRET” and below confidentiality levels
▪ NATO approved crypto algorithms
▪ Storage, Decrypting and loading of NATO formatted black or red keys
▪ User Access Control by smart card and password
▪ User-friendly interface
▪ Electrical and mechanical red/black isolation
▪ 320x240 TFT liquid crystal display and 7 stokes keypad
▪ External keyboard interface (PS/2)
▪ Led and audible warnings
▪ Ability to create, store and transfer accounts and audit
▪ Emergency erasable permanent memory to protect cryptographic data
▪ Emergency erase feature while it is on or off
▪ 8 MB storage memory

On 6-pin connector
▪ DS-102 (EKMS-308F)
▪ DS-101/RS-485 (EKMS-308F)
▪ DS-101/RS-232-D (EKMS-308F)

Subject to Approval of Turkey Ministry of National Defence for Selling.